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Client Testimonials

"This is the first summer we have spent in our home in Leelanau County, Michigan near Leland. It is a dream come true after coming to this area for 34 years.  The winter and spring seasons were awesome as well.

Kimberly Creamer, real estate agent and professional, represented us in the purchase of our home and helped us realize our long time wish to have residency in the region.  We conducted the transaction from out of state, mainly via e-mail, and by phone when needed. Kimberly was always accessible, prompt, courteous, and expressed humanism in all of our communications.  She is an outstanding agent with an exceptional communication skill and ability to write clearly, succinctly , research and answer questions.  We recommend her highly.  She knows real estate, its value, Michigan real estate laws and regulations, and has an extensive network of other experts needed in real estate  transactions. We will always remain grateful for her help and expertise and will not hesitate to call on her in the future."


Drs. Molly and Steven Cline

Summer 2013

"I would like to recommend Kimberly to anyone considering the purchase or sale of real estate in the Grand Traverse region. Her middle name must be TENACITY as she has diligently met every challenge in the marketing and sale of my property on Old Mission Peninsula! She successfully appealed my property tax assessment on my behalf and is also representing me in a variance request. She has researched wetland issues and met with appropriate authorities, again on my behalf. As a property owner, her services have been invaluable.

John A. Braidwood

My husband and I purchased a piece of land this past August in Leland that was listed by Kimberly.  We aren't from this area and needed lots of help with issues that came up during the purchase.  Kimberly knew who we needed to call regarding perk tests,  title searches, and getting the yard mowed.  She did in fact make those calls on our behalf which was much appreciated.  We had no idea who to use or where to call but Kimberly did and she quickly  got all those details handled for us.

We needed to meet at the land numerous times and Kimberly always  arrived well prepared to answer our questions and give us direction on what we needed to do next to complete the purchase.

 Kimberly also made numerous telephone calls to the seller and helped us reach an agreement on the final price of the land.  It was all accomplished in a professional and congenial manner.  Kimberly is fun and knowledgeable and we highly recommend her to anyone looking to buy land or home.  You will be very pleased with her attention to detail, her professional knowledge of the area, the local community, and the correct way to proceed with your purchase.


Bill and JoAnn Pinkerton   Roanoke Virginia and now Leland Michigan

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